Practical Buying tips for Open Display Fridge

Choosing from a list of open display fridges for sale in Melbourne and anywhere in Australia can be a daunting task and a costly process especially if your business will greatly depend on it. It should be made with much planning, considering whether to buy a brand new item or a used one. Whatever you choose, at the end of the day, purchasing the wrong unit can cost you much more.


open display fridges for sale



Types of Display Fridges and Freezers


First things first. You can’t simply head to the appliance centre and buy just any fridge and freezer that you wish to store your goods in. Knowing the different types of display fridges for your business is essential.


  • Serve-Over Counter Fridge


Serve over counter fridges are especially useful in the food industry. They are designed to effectively market various chilled merchandises such as meat, fruits, cheese, pastries, and other chilled products. Shop display freezers for sale in Australia with the most number of positive reviews to ensure that you are getting the best brand.


  • Refrigerated Merchandiser


Refrigerated merchandisers are the widely used commercial display fridge anywhere in the world. They can range from the smallest countertop sushi cases to the largest freestanding merchandisers for a variety of cakes and other desserts.


  • Multideck Display


A multideck display fridge is usually an open-fronted and freestanding open merchandiser designed to store beverages, chilled meat, cakes, and other chilled goods where customers can directly pick off the shelf. This type of commercial fridge is usually found in convenience stores, cafes and dessert shops, and is a strategic way to market to a wide range of customers. Nowadays, a lot of Open display fridges for sale Melbourne manufacturers and distributors are offering rebates when you purchase more than one unit.


  • Display Freezer and Fridge


A display freezer is best for storing frozen meat, desserts, and ice. This is very useful during summer especially that customers will be coming to your store for ice creams, lollies, soda, and ice cubes. This is specially designed with a glass top to let customers see what’s inside without opening the lid. If you want to buy this type of fridges, there are a lot of open display fridges for sale anywhere in Australia which are made with unique features and those which are more energy efficient.


  • Beer and Wine Fridge


Beer and wine fridges are specially designed to store these beverages. Wine coolers are usually different, though, because some of them are built with a temperature thermostat for different zones inside the fridge. They are also built with wooden shelves to keep the bottle labels from scratches.


Things to Consider before Purchase


When looking the right fridges for sale Brisbane and Australia wide, you need to consider at least four things before heading to the store.


  • Location


That exact spot in your store where your display fridge will stay is as important as storing the perishable goods in them. Since this is a commercial fridge you are planning to buy, place it in the area where it is easily accessible to customers, but won’t be blocking some of your important goods as well.


  • Kind of food to store


Are you storing raw food, cooked food, or both? This is one of the questions that you need to bear in mind when choosing the display fridge perfect for your store. Also, you need to assess whether your fridge will be used in an assisted service or a self-service transaction.


  • Size


The size of your display fridge and freezer is also an important factor to consider because you don’t want to buy the one that won’t crowd your store and leave other items inaccessible to the customers. Also, you don’t want to buy the one that won’t have enough storage for all your chilled and frozen goods.


  • Process


The last but not the least is the purchase process. Make sure that you know the manufacturer and the distributor of the open fridge that you wish to buy. If you have time, do a little research about the open display fridges for sale ads on the internet and find out the seller with the most number of satisfied customers. This is to ensure that you will be dealing with a trustworthy fridge and freezer distributor or manufacturer.


Post Author: Zoe Fox