What Your Choice of Swarovski Flatback Crystals Cut Says About You

Want to add sparkle and pizazz to everyday things like a dress or your nails? Swarovski flatback crystals are the best choice of accessory. Because of their flat backs, they are easy to apply to a variety of materials.

Consider them as your DIY jewellery and accessories components to bedazzle a wide range of items, including crystallised appliques.

swarovski flatback crystals

Where can you use flat back crystals?

  • DIY appliques
  • Ultra-suede bracelets and chokers
  • Studded barrettes, combs, hair clips, and headbands
  • DIY earrings

Wherever it is possible to glue a rhinestone, you can apply a flat back Swarovski crystal as well.

Two types of Australian Swarovski flatback crystals

Non-hotfix flat back crystals are loose crystal components that come with a platinum foiling on the back. The foil adds extra brilliance and protection. To apply, you only need to use a standard one or two component glue types.

Hotfix flatbacks are loose crystal components with a flat reverse side that is pre-coated with a heat sensitive glue. When activated by heat, the glue bonds the crystal to the carrier material. Once it cools, the glue hardens and the crystals are securely fixed on the surface. What is great about the flat backs hotfix is that it produces a durable, long-lasting crystal effect.

Hotfix crystals, however, are only applicable to carrier materials that can absorb the heat sensitive glue. This means fabrics with insufficient absorbency will not work.

So don’t use the following:

  • Organza and other very fine fabrics
  • Smooth leather and its imitations
  • Fabrics with silicone or wax finish
  • Tightly woven polyamides

Both flat box non-hotfix and hotfix crystals are available in a multitude of colours, shapes, and cuts.

Jewellery cut and your personality

Did you know that the shape of Swarovski flatback crystals in Australiathat you choose reflects your personality? The shape also dictates the kind of crystal effect you want to achieve for any project.

Round flat back crystals

This is considered a classic, elegant, and timeless shape. Most people who are warm sociable, dependable and empathetic gravitate to this shape of Swarovski flatback crystals.

Pear-shaped flat back crystals

More popularly recognised for their teardrop shape, this type of crystal is considered romantic and sentimental. It follows that the personalities that favour this shape are described as charming, loving, adventurous, and fun.

Square flat back crystals

As a versatile cut, a square shape can be used in both contemporary and classic designs. The shape is clean and straightforward. It resonates with people known to be determined, strong, focused, trend-setting, flirty, and spirited.

Marquis flat back crystals

Elongated with tapering points on either end, the striking shape is distinctive and dramatic. It is often used to create something stately and unique. People who are ambitious, sensual, and creative are well suited for a marquis shape design. Nonconformists love this jewellery cut too.

Which personality are you?

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Post Author: Zoe Fox